Ludwig is refusing to do YouTube subathon but one thing could change his mind

Ludwig stunned on first YouTube stream.YouTube: Ludwig

Ludwig has finally made his YouTube debut, and during his first stream he shot down demands for him to stage a second “Twitch subathon” on his new home ⁠— but admitted one thing could convince him to change his tune.

The newly-minted YouTube streamer still holds a special slice of Twitch history: from March 14 to April 14, he kept his stream live 24 hours a day for 31 days.

The immense Twitch subathon sparked dozens of copycats, earned him more than 2.6 million followers on what is now his old streaming website, and solidified his place atop the all-time subscriber counts on Amazon’s popular platform, meaning he’ll always have his name in the Twitch history books.

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It’s now been nine months since the star’s month-long effort came to a tear-jerking end, and Ludwig still cops one question, even after his big YouTube swap: when is he going to stage a “subathon 2.0”?

In his first YouTube stream, Ludwig skewered the idea, permanently: “I’m never doing another subathon,” he said. “Whatever you call it, I’m not doing it!”

Ludwig-87f6YouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig is already settling into his new digs on YouTube Gaming.

⁠Like Charles Dickens famously wrote, however, never say never.

While Ludwig was originally quite firm on the idea he would “never” do a subathon ⁠— or, rather, “memberathon” ⁠— on YouTube, the in-demand streamer quickly came around to the idea, with one very clear condition.

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“Look, unless! Caveat. Unless it was for a charity event,” he admitted. “And then I would consider it. Like, if someone came to me and said it would be $100,000 a day to charity. Then I’ll stay live for that day. Keep going from there, you know what I mean? But that’s very hypothetical.

He quickly added this wasn’t an announcement though. “I don’t have any plans, before you assume something. None at all. Zero plans there!”

Related segment begins at 1:47:29 in the video below.

One  fan suggested Ludwig could “pop back over to Twitch” if someone ever bowled down his immense subscriber record, to which the Canadian laughed.

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“I don’t think YouTube would like that very much!” he said. “Hey, YouTube, mind if I head back over for a month? Yeah, it’s just a little thing, no worries, thanks.”

The bottom line is, there’s a chance we’ll never see Ludwig host “Subathon 2.0,” especially after YouTube’s newest star admitted just talking about the possibility made him feel “very weird.”

Recently, rising Twitch star Kkatamina staged her own popular subathon, which ran for 14 days and solidified her place as the most-subscribed female star ever.