Ludwig hits back at Dream fans after Content Creator of the Year award drama

Alan Bernal
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Ludwig responded to ire from Dream’s Minecraft fans after confusion over The Game Awards ‘Content Creator of the Year’ nominees started to get heated.

The popular Twitch streamer reacted to a few different nominees for YouTube’s Streamy Awards as well as The Game Awards’ shortlist. But it was the latter, which includes a packed arena with the biggest names on YouTube and Twitch including Dream, Fuslie, Gaules, Ibai, and GrefG, that got attention.

“Oh I was just joking and playing heel,” Ludwig said. “I was talking to my friends one of who was a nominee as well. Also, I did get nominated for The Game Awards which I think is PogChamp.

“Anyway vote Leslie, hydrate regularly, and have a good day.”

Previously, the American streamer joked about his omission from this year’s candidates while putting a spotlight on other talents he’d like to see nominated.

“There are a lot of great streamers who don’t get nominated for awards who I think are always perennially snubbed,” Ludwig said. He specifically mentioned talents like Sykkuno, xQc, TommyInnit, and Jerma985 while listing off some of his own biggest highlights of the year.

His comments drew backlash from some people online which, in this case, included a lot of Dream fans.

“But really if you can’t show good sportsmanship and just congratulate other people’s achievements without putting them down, then you deserve nothing and that’s why you weren’t nominated Ludwig,” one fan said.

the game awardsThe Game Awards
This year’s Content Creator of the Year award is up between Dream, Fuslie, Gaules, Ibai, and GrefG.

Clips from Ludwig and Sykkuno’s reaction to the list have been circulating which generally calls into question the batch of nominees.

“Is this a spicy take if like half of them don’t even stream that much,” Sykkuno said.

While streamers don’t typically look at these awards as validation for their year of content, there are still lingering questions on the Content Creator of the Year shortlist.