Twitch streamer Ludwig gives health update after emergency surgery

Ludwig while streamingTwitch: Ludwig

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has provided a health update after he had to have emergency surgery to remove his appendix, only a few days into his break from streaming.

Ludwig is a streamer who has been garnering more and more attention recently, gaining new fans by the day on his Twitch channel with over 1.6 million followers, and YouTube with 1.3 million subscribers.

His streams are varied, doing both gaming content and more challenge-oriented content, and his follower base loves the mix of hilarious output from the creator.

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ludwig ahgren twitch streamerInstagram: ludwigahgren
Ludwig is seeing a lot of success and is only set to grow throughout 2021.

Ludwig recently announced on March 1 that he would be taking a break from streaming, saying, “I’m going on break! Thanks for always watching me. I’ll see you guys later.”

However, his holiday got off to a rocky start after he revealed to fans on Twitter on March 4 that he was having issues with his appendix, and that he would have to have it removed.

“Vacation Update: Found out I have an appendix today,” he wrote. “Also found out my appendix is actual dog water so I have to get it surgically removed,” he continued, saying that there would be “more updates soon.”

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Fans and fellow streamers were naturally concerned, and creators like Dream, TommyInnit, Karl Jacobs, and plenty of others were sending their support to the streamer after he revealed the news.

On March 5 he returned to inform fans that, “I lived, b**ch,” posting a picture of him in hospital.

His viewers were relieved to see that he was back posting on Twitter after the emergency hospital visit. One fan wrote “holy sh*t, I’m glad you’re okay man!! Must have been terrifying! I hope you can still enjoy the rest of your vacay!”

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This obviously isn’t the way that Ludwig planned to start his vacation, but his fans and friends are just glad to see that the surgery went well, and hope that he can get back to enjoying his time off soon.

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