Ludwig loses $25,000 against MrBeast in high-stakes poker game

MrBeast, Karl Jacobs, LudwigTwitter: @LudwigAhgren

Twitch star Ludwig joined YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson for a poker game in which they each put $25,000 in the pot. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for either party. 

Amid his busy schedule streaming on Twitch and uploading daily videos to his YouTube channel, Ludwig has issued a wide variety of challenges to his viewers, dared himself to beat Jump King in a mere 30 minutes, and even made MrBeast post a picture on Instagram in a cat maid outfit, among countless other wacky things.

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His last interaction with MrBeast saw Ludwig beat the internet philanthropist in a POGChamps chess match, so it may be easy to assume that he had high hopes going into another high-stakes gambit with his “rival” – this one, a poker game.

Ludwig’s high stakes poker match

Ludwig and MrBeast decided to go at it again in another high-stakes game, in which each party ponied up $25,000 — making the total prize $50,000.

After beginning with friendly banter over who was going to win the massive prize, the group promptly began with their games.

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While they passed large sums of money back and forth for hours, the crew had their fair share of laughs together… That is, until Ludwig decided to bet all the money he had at the time, creating a ‘win all or lose all’ situation.

After MrBeast matched Ludwig’s ‘all in’ bet, they created what would have been the last game. All the cards were dealt, and MrBeast thought he had just won the prize. However, Ludwig made a grim realization — the dealer made a mistake. Karl did not ‘burn,’ or discard, a card, which means the last card that was flipped over wasn’t actually supposed to be in play.

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Explaining that they didn’t want to end the stream with either party losing money, the duo played one last game and made it ‘all or nothing.’

Unfortunately for Ludwig, his mogul moves cost him $25,000.

The day after the stream, Ludwig tweeted: “I’m the first person to hang out with MrBeast and lose money.”

While he may have lost a major amount of cash in front of thousands of viewers, at least he can say he accomplished something nobody has before.

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