YouTube brothers buy ACE Family mansion for $9 million after foreclosure

Stokes twins buy ACE Family mansion for 9 million dollarsInstagram: imalexstokes / YouTube: The ACE Family

YouTube brothers the ‘Stokes Twins’ have purchased the infamous ACE Family mansion for $3 million below its listed price after the home’s foreclosure last year.

YouTubers Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz made headlines last year as rumors swirled that the couple were involved in a number of legal troubles and lawsuits.

Chief among these were claims that the two were facing eviction from their home, which has been valued anywhere from $10 – $16.5 million dollars.

Initially, the ACE Family denied these claims, but later argued they’d been taken advantage of by “corrupt” contractors who “pocketed” extra money and used cheaper materials to renovate the home.

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ACE Family mansion overviewYouTube: The ACE Family
The sprawling ACE Family mansion is valued anywhere from $10 – $16.5 million.

Eventually, the couple vacated the premises and the home was foreclosed. TikTok realtor Noah Ross notably showed purported video footage of the house in “disarray” with appliances missing from the kitchen, having been allegedly torn out upon evacuation.

Months later, it looks like the house finally has some new occupants… who managed to score the place for quite a bit below its initial listing.

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Its new owners are YouTube duo the ‘Stokes Twins,’ who boast a whopping 16.6 million followers across their two channels.

The brothers are best known for their over-the-top ‘challenge’ videos — examples being ‘Working out for 24 Hours Straight’ or ‘Surviving 24 Hours in a City with No Laws.’

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Stokes Twins sodaInstagram: imalanstokes
The Stokes Twins, Alan and Alex Stokes, have purchased the former ACE Family mansion for a steal.

It seems like this duo was able to snag a pretty spacious pad for themselves: The now-former ACE Family home comes complete with a pool, a spacious home gym, and a turf-covered terrace/yard combo with in-ground trampolines.

The best part about it? The Stokes Twins didn’t even pay full price for the house. The reported asking price for the mansion was listed at $12.9 million. The Twins were able to snag the 13,000 square foot abode for just $9.275 million. That’s a steal!

This news comes hot on the heels of another major YouTuber home purchase; music artist Machine Gun Kelly just bought YouTube star Logan Paul’s California mansion for $7.5 million last month.

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Logan is now lounging in a $28 million mansion in Puerto Rico, where he’s paying a purported $57,000 per month in rent. Yowza! At least the Stokes Twins were able to get a major deal for their new home… although it looks like they’ll have to buy some new kitchen appliances.