Lucky1995’s TikTok with ultimate “Chad” in Instagram model prank goes viral

Calum Patterson
Lucky1995 tiktok chadFakePranksTV / Instagram: Drea

The internet has a new hero: this time in the form of an anonymous man who has now been labeled the ultimate “chad” after his appearance in a prank video, subverting expectations. Reposted on TikTok by user ‘Lucky1995’, the clip has gone super viral.

TikTok is often the birthplace of many trends, dances, songs, and pranks, but it’s also commonly used to repost content from elsewhere – specifically viral Facebook clips.

Facebook’s ‘breastfeeding cat lady’ blew up even more when posted to TikTok, and the same has happened once again, thanks to Lucky1995 reposting a prank video from ‘Living in 2077‘ on Facebook, which itself was reposted from the original creator, ‘FakePranksTV‘.

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The clip has now been viewed over 16 million times on TikTok, but while the prank is entertaining, it’s all thanks to one of the targets – who remained totally oblivious to what was going on.

TikTok escalator prankFakePranksTV
The prank gets great reactions from couples especially.

The organizers of the prank, Fake Pranks TV, hired Instagram model Drea to touch men’s hands as they held on to the rail of an escalator.

As she passed, she would say something flirtatious to the men, often duping them into chasing after her. However, one man remained resolute in his stance, and totally ignored Drea, even when she grabbed his shoulder.

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Viewers have praised the man as the “main character, writing “his goals are beyond our comprehension.”

“He has no time for side quests. Main character energy!” others said, describing the man as an “alpha” and “chad.”

However, some believe that he had just very quickly cottoned on to the fact that it was a prank, perhaps spotting the camera or just doubting the legitimacy of such an interaction occurring naturally.

The video also sparked some controversy though, with commenters highlighting that if this prank had been switched with a man doing the touching, it would possibly constitute a crime.

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“Imagine a guy doing this. Arrested instantly. Double standards much?” one comment reads, sparking arguments over the rights and wrongs of the prank itself.

One thing is for sure though, this windswept “chad” stops for no woman nor man.

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