Florida man becomes TikTok star by “complete accident” posting home repair hacks

Josh Taylor
TikToker who has gone viral for home repairs.

A man from Florida accidentally went viral on TikTok after their clips of home repair hacks quickly became popular and have led to them gaining nearly three million followers.

TikTok and social media in general have often skyrocketed people into internet stardom following viral posts.

This has proved to be for almost anything, whether it’s rising creators, cute pets, fast-food hacks, or even just ordinary people posting seemingly random clips of themselves.

One unsuspecting user on TikTok, who didn’t expect to go viral, was a man from Florida who goes by the name of Gator. His clips surrounding home repair tips have caused him to grow an avid following of nearly three million followers on the platform.

Home repairs TikToker became viral sensation by total accident

TikToker Gator resides in Tallahassee, Florida and his profile has been dedicated to teaching the latest DIY and home repair hacks through hundreds of videos.

In an interview with FOX, he explained how his son “posted a couple of silly videos… and they did really well, close to a million,” in terms of views.

After the success, he revealed he took over: “And I was like, ‘Well, let me just get that app.’ And then I actually started posting videos.” Instead of just posting somewhat random clips to his profile, he stated he began posting home repair videos after a suggestion from a friend.

This took his then 200 thousand TikTok following to even bigger heights. His first home repair video went instantly viral and reached over 20 million views in just a few days.

“The whole comment section was just like, ‘Can you show me how to do another tape measure hack?’ ‘How do you use a drill?’ ‘Can you fix a toilet, do you fix a door?’ And I was like, this is crazy,” Gator reflected.

Hundreds of posts later, Gator regards his TikTok success as a “complete accident.” The Florida man who had “never been on social media until a little over two years ago. Not ever. No Facebook. No nothing,” has so far amassed nearly 50 million likes and just over 2.8 million followers on the platform.