Charli D’Amelio backs TikTok star Cora with emotional message after hate comments

Connor Bennett
Charli D'Amelio alongside TikToker Cora Tilley

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio swooped in to send a message of support to rising TikToker Cora Tilley after she was being hit with hate comments over a few of her videos. 

As TikTok has gotten bigger and bigger over the last few years, TikTokers have been sharing the ins and out of their lives with fans, covering everything from their daily routines to their relationships.

When it comes to their dating lives, some TikTok users are obsessed with certain ‘ships’ and are overjoyed to see a new video from their favorite couple.

That can be said for fans of Cora Tilley, a TikToker with close to 1 million followers, who has shared plenty of videos of herself with her boyfriend, Christian. However, not everything has been positive in recent days.

Charli D'Amelio posing for a picture
Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s biggest creator, sharing plenty of personal details with fans.

With the holidays coming to an end, Tilley’s feed has been full of emotional posts as she and her boyfriend parted ways – with him having to return home. Plenty of fans joined them in being upset, but others mocked the posts too.

The TikToker uploaded a post showing some of the comments she’d gotten, with some users claiming the pair were being “too dramatic” and had “milked” their goodbye.

That prompted Charli D’Amelio to swoop in with a message of support via a DM. “Saw your video you posted on TikTok about getting a lot of hate and I’ve been there, just wanna let you know I know how hard it is but you have to do your best to ignore it,” she said. “I feel horrible that people are so cruel but you seem a great girl and I would hate to see other people get you, keep your head up please!”

In the wake of Charli’s supporting post, Cora noted that taking a break from social media might be the way to go for her. Though, she has continued to post TikToks.

She has received plenty of supportive comments about the goings-on as well, but as is the norm with the internet, hate typically comes through louder.