TikTok’s viral fake proposals trend sparks moral debate

Christy Mathew
tiktok fake proposal

If you are active on TikTok, you will likely have come across viral fake proposal pranks. However, it’s sparking a debate about whether it is funny or mean.

TikTok has managed to bring out a variety of trends that have gone viral. Be it the Grimace Shake trend, the “get sturdy” trend, or the Fortnite Boogie Bomb trend, users hop on to try them.

Such a new trend has now entered the dating content genre, as many TikTokers are getting down on one knee. They are making their partner feel that they are proposing, only for it to be fake, and posting their reactions online.

These videos have millions of views and comments going wild, making it a now-viral trend on TikTok.

A video of a user named Darren Clegg and his partner posing in front of a sunset was published on July 1. Getting down on one knee, he reaches down his pocket, before getting up and laughing.

The TikToker walked away from his partner, leaving his girlfriend to shake her head and smile. According to his caption, the user joked about it to the point that his partner wouldn’t believe him if he was actually proposing.

TikTok users express mixed reactions to the prank

The TikTok garnered over 2.2 million views and over 250 comments, where viewers debated about the prank. Some users found it funny while noting that the woman in the video took it well.

However, others expressed that this wasn’t something to be joked about. They shared that their partners could get really upset about the fake proposal if they believed that it was real.

One of the top comments with the most likes under the video read, “The way I’d cry my eyes out”. But many other viewers expressed they wouldn’t be responding this well if it happened to them.

However, this is not the first time a fake proposal has gone viral on the app.

TikToker Fiona Simpson posted a TikTok on June 27, where she revealed her boyfriend fake proposes whenever they are in a romantic location.

Meanwhile, many other TikTokers like Farmer Will have posted similar videos which have amassed millions of views.

TikTok users debate if it’s beige or red flag

Viewers explained in the comments that the action was described as a beige flag, which is deemed as a behavior from romantic partners which is neutral. This is internet slang in contradiction of red flags, which means issues in the relationship.

But a majority of the comments under these TikToks shared that this was a negative trait. “This is a red flag to me … do not mess with my feelings like that this is not a joking matter,” a viewer wrote.

However, other comments warned partners to not prank their significant others as they might walk away when they actually try to propose.