Man goes viral for epic response to TikToker asking him if she’s “hot”

Man goes viral for response to TikToker asking if she's hotTikTok: scarletvas

A man is taking TikTok by storm for his “based” response to a woman who used him for an impromptu interview, where she asked him if he thought she was “hot.”

TikTok is known for making content go viral. From popular athletic challenges to pasta recipes and even conspiracy theories, TikTok is a one-stop shop for creating the next big fad.

However, the latest video to take over the platform isn’t a popular hashtag or trend. Instead, it’s a video interview that went sideways, and it’s stirring up a big debate all across social media.

‘Scarletvas’ is a fairly prominent creator on TikTok, where she boasts over 3.8 million followers. Her content usually centers around streetside interviews, where she pulls random people aside for a conversation in public places.

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Man goes viral for “based” response to TikToker

Scarletvas uploaded a video earlier this month that is going mega-viral, garnering over 40 million views at the time of writing — and it’s all thanks to an interviewee’s response to her questions.

In the video, Scarlet sits down next to a heavier-bodied man wearing a hoodie before asking him if he “had a girlfriend” and if he thought she was “hot.”

“Eh, not really,” the man replied. “Way many more people more attractive than you.”

“What’s not hot about me?” Scarlet asked.

“Your personality and your voice,” he answered. “You’re a little too small. Maybe like, eat a burger, not be anorexic.”

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“That’s aggressive!” the TikToker exclaimed.

“I don’t know who you’re trying to impress,” the man added. “No one’s gonna simp over you.”

His responses to Scarlet’s questions are taking over social media, with commenters praising his stalwart attitude to what many believe was an attempt to embarrass him for a video.

“Bro’s a legend,” one user wrote.

“Officially king status,” another said.

“Bro knew what game she was tryna play,” another pointed out.

commenters reply to man going viral interview response copyTikTok: scarletvas

This clip follows another viral video where a woman was called out for calling a man in her gym a “weirdo” after he offered to help her with weights during an exercise last month.

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