Logan Paul worries boxing career may have caused brain damage - Dexerto

Logan Paul worries boxing career may have caused brain damage

Published: 2/Oct/2019 0:05 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 0:11

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul is set to touch gloves with rival KSI in the net’s most anticipated boxing rematch to date – but his fighting career may not last much longer, as told in a statement from the social media sensation.

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Paul’s initial boxing match with KSI in August 2018 resulted in a draw, prolonging their rivalry and setting them up for a rematch in November 2019.

With their second bout just over a month away, both Logan and KSI are gearing up to throw down, once again: but their first-ever professional match is giving the eldest Paul brother some anxieties.


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KSI vs Logan Paul, YouTubeKSI and Logan Paul faced off for the first time in August 2018 – and they’re set to touch gloves once more this November.

Paul uploaded a joint video with younger brother Jake on October 1, where both parties admitted worries of suffering potential brain damage stemming from their training, claiming to notice small changes in their behavior.

“Sometimes I’ll type ‘to,’ ‘t-o-o’ instead of ‘t-o,’ sometimes when I text,” Logan explained. “That’s a big deal for me. That doesn’t happen. I’m a grammar freak. I love words. …I think it’s ‘cause I’m getting hit in the head too much.”

(Timestamp: 3:50 for mobile viewers)

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This wouldn’t be the first time Logan has discussed potential brain damage, either: in fact, the YouTuber infamously uploaded a video in late February, where he visited a celebrity neurologist to receive a 3D brain scan as a response to accusations of being a “sociopath.”


The resulting images showed what appeared to be holes in Paul’s brain, with his doctor explaining that he’d suffered “significant damage” to his prefrontal cortex – damage that would allegedly cause the star to have trouble with mental tasks.

“You’re gonna have trouble with focus, and forethought, and follow through, organization, planning, and empathy,” his doctor explained. “And learning from the mistakes you make.”

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Despite being warned to avoid “risky behavior,” it doesn’t look like Paul is giving up his dreams of pro boxing anytime soon: but he may not fight for long, claiming that he hopes to quit the sport in a few years.


“We gotta get in and out of this sport,” Logan continued. “Let’s do it for five years and then…”

“We gotta get the fuck out,” Jake finished.

Jake Paul, InstagramJake Paul faced off with YouTuber Deji in August 2018 – but it doesn’t look like the YouTuber is appearing on the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 undercard.
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Logan Paul is set to settle his beef with KSI in the ring on November 9 – but the future of his fighting career is up in the air, in light of his recent concerns.