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KSI vs Logan Paul 2: UK press conference back on, date confirmed

Published: 1/Oct/2019 18:23 Updated: 1/Oct/2019 18:32

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul will finally settle their long-standing beef in the net’s most anticipated boxing rematch on November 9 – but it seemed their fight would only have a single press conference, following their meeting in Los Angeles.

The two YouTubers met for the first time in over a year at the LA Staples Center on September 14, exchanging insults, banter, and predicting knockout wins ahead of their rematch.

While the conference itself provided a slew of notable moments, it appeared that a UK press conference wouldn’t occur, unlike last year – a development that KSI attributed to Logan Paul not “wanting the smoke.”

However, Paul vehemently denied this allegation, claiming that he’d been trying to schedule a UK presser for “the past month” and assuring his opponent that he did, indeed, want the smoke in a subsequent Twitter video.

With their rematch less than two months away, it seemed that a press conference on UK soil was officially out of the books: but Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn gave fans an update that turned this previous ruling on its head.

Hearn posted a Tweet on October 1 officially confirming a UK presser, announcing that both KSI and Logan Paul will meet once again in London  on Monday, October 7 – although a specific time for the conference has yet to be revealed.

Both KSI and Logan Paul reacted to the news, with both parties appearing especially stoked about the possibility of facing off across the pond.

While Hearn claimed that details for the press conference are still pending, he tagged sports streaming platform DAZN, which could hint at the presser being streamed via the site’s YouTube channel, as was their Los Angeles conference in September.

With Paul dubbing their conference “disappointing,” both fans and the fighters, themselves are looking forward to a more intense showdown this go ‘round – with KSI even claiming that Logan Paul will get “obliterated” at their next meeting.

The KSI vs Logan Paul rematch is scheduled for November 9 at the Los Angeles Staples Center, with broadcasting available via DAZN.


OfflineTV Rust server creator explains why big streamers have stopped playing

Published: 22/Jan/2021 12:23

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer and creator of the OfflineTV Rust server baboabe has explained why many big streamers have gone away from playing on the RP and PVP servers.

Even though its been around since 2013, Rust has seen unprecedented levels of popularity in recent weeks thanks to Twitch streamers flocking to the game. 

For the most part, the biggest creators had been spending their time on OfflineTV’s different servers. However, in recent days, a few streamers have decided to quit – stating that they need a break and have gone on to play other games.

With a few quitting, it’s prompted a bit of an exodus, and many of the biggest streamers have gone back to their usual games or sought out a bit of a variety. As for why that’s the case, Abe, the creator of the server, has an answer. 

rust vehicle
Facepunch Studios
Creator’s have flocked to OfflineT’sV RP server ‘The Divide’.

During a brief stream on January 21, the server creator was going over plans for what could be changed moving forward, when questions came in about whether or not players have quit for good. One question, in particular, asked if the server ever had enough longevity for the streamers who played. 

“Longevity was fine. The biggest issue was that everyone streamed and played on the server for literally 300 plus hours,” Abe said, answering questions from viewers. 

“Like, so many people streamed and played Rust for 300 plus hours literally within two weeks, so they were just burnt out, they had nothing else left to do.”

At the crux of it, Rust is all about getting ahead of your opponents by building bases and gathering more resources than everyone else. It can become quite addicting once you’ve got a few dedicated teammates, but you can, as Abe says, burn out quickly.

As for what might happen next, and potentially getting streamers back playing, the map might have to be shaken up with tweaks being made to how fast players can get resources – say, prohibiting gambling. However it’s a fine line, so we’ll just have to wait and see.