Logan Paul turns down $1 million MMA fight offer from Wiz Khalifa

Logan Paul in yellow shirt and sunglasses talking to microphoneYouTube: imPaulsive

Logan Paul turned down Wiz Khalifa’s offer to join the MMA ranks of the PFL, where there is $1 million on the line, as the YouTuber says he’ll need “more than that.”

When YouTuber boxing events exploded in popularity back in 2018, Logan Paul was right at the forefront of things. Even though he’s not been fighting as regularly as his brother Jake or business partner KSI, he’s still been dabbling in combat sports. 

The Maverick has impressed in his first year in the WWE, even getting a world title shot in Saudi Arabia back in early November. Though, he’s always been open to the idea of returning to his actual wrestling roots and getting involved with mixed martial arts

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His dream of fighting in the UFC might be on ice after Dana White said he’s not considering matchmaking a fight for him at the minute, but there are other options. Though, Logan isn’t doing it cheaply. 

Wiz Khalifa offers Logan Paul $1 million for MMA deal

Wiz Khalifa was a guest on episode 357 of imPaulsive when he floated the idea of Logan getting involved with the PFL – Professional Fight League – an MMA promotion that the rapper is involved with. 

“Come join the PFL! Come fight for $1 million dollars,” the Black and Yellow artist said, putting out a casual offer to Logan.

However, the podcast host wasn’t biting. “I’m going to need more than that Wiz,” he quickly replied. “I’m going to need more than that!”

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Unlike the UFC, the PFL operates on a seasons format, with the champions grabbing $1 million payouts when its all said and done. So, it would be some serious work for Logan to get that massive paycheque. 

It’s not the only offer he’s had to fight in MMA, though. Bellator have consistently said they’re open to the Paul’s being involved at some point, but who knows if they’ll ever take that offer up.