Logan Paul slams Mike Majlak after pair lock horns over Harry Styles drama

Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on ImpaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive

Impaulsive co-hosts Logan Paul and Mike Majlak have traded blows on social media after recent Harry Styles drama led to “tasteless comments.”

Paul and Majlak have been hosting their enormously popular Impaulsive series for more than two years now. While things occasionally get heated as the two debate all manner of topics, they’ve always remained amicable.

After a recent podcast discussing Harry Styles and his decision to wear a dress, an argument between the two went beyond Impaulsive itself.

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The duo lashed out at one another across social media following Majlak’s comments on a recent episode of Mom’s Basement.

“There are a lot of times where Logan can be a d***rider on stuff like that,” he told Keemstar and FaZe Banks.

Logan only supported Harry Styles in that moment because “he knew it was gonna get clipped,” according to Majlak.

Majlak’s comments can be heard at the 44:20 mark below

“This upsets me and I wish I hadn’t seen this,” Paul said in response to the clip from his co-host.

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“Mike will change his character based on who he’s with and what room he’s in. Everyone in the house knows this and it’s been an issue in the past.

“I’ve caught Mike in lies before. I try my hardest to help him shed that very ugly part of his personality, but evidently, there’s been no progress.”

Paul continued his lengthy Instagram comment, outlining how Majlak’s claims are “simply not true.

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“Hopefully he can take his mask off before the rest of his closest friends realize he’s really only riding for the room of people he wants to impress.”

Logan Paul instagram commentInstagram: Loganpaul
Paul’s response to Majlak’s comments on Mom’s Basement.

It didn’t take long before this comment from Paul reached back to Majlak. “You said I will never admit when I’m wrong, well let me correct that behavior,” he followed up with an Instagram reply of his own.

“I was wrong here, I made a tasteless comment.

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“I love to run my mouth, say things sarcastically, and mess around… Sometimes that bites me,” Majlak admitted.

“Logan and I are handling this behind the scenes, as we should. I’m working on adjusting how and when I say certain things.”

Mike Majlak Instagram commentInstagram: heybigmike
Majlak soon responded and apologized to Paul.

Evidently not the first time these two have been in disagreement, Paul even kicked Majlak out of his house back in April 2020.

While the two are now handling the dispute offline, there may still be tension in the air when the next episode of Impaulsive rolls around.

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