Logan Paul slams Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend over “vile” text message exposé

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Logan Paul slams Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend over vile text message exposé

Logan Paul has slammed Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend after she aired private messages on social media, labeling the exposé as “vile.”

Jonah Hill has been in hot water ever since his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady, shared a series of private messages on her Instagram, calling out the 21 Jump Street actor for being “emotionally abusive” and a “misogynist narcissist.”

As a result, Hill has received a lot of backlash and even lawyered up in response to further “predatory allegations” made by Alexa Nikolas, a former child star of Zoey 101.

However, not everyone is in support of Brady’s actions, with Logan Paul weighing in on the topic and calling her exposé “vile” and “f***** up.”

On an episode of his podcast, Impaulsive, Paul said, “One thing I’ll say about the Jonah Hill topic… I find it incredibly f***** up for this girl to continually air Jonah Hill’s private messages to her on social media.”

Noting that he wouldn’t comment on whether Hill’s “positioning” was “correct,” Paul went on to discuss the pressures of being a celebrity and the trust issues that come with fame.

“Being in Jonah Hill’s position, being a celebrity — a person who has to constantly worry about trust and trusting people in his life, especially people who he probably loved at one point,” Paul said, putting himself in the actor’s shoes. “And then having that trust broken by this particular person is actually vile. It’s actually f***** up.”

Logan Paul discusses Jonah Hill's exposed messages
Logan Paul showed support for Jonah Hill in an episode of his podcast.

“She probably felt really wronged by him and wanted to get back at him,” Paul said when asked what he believed Brady’s intentions were in sharing the private messages.

Considering how the recent birth of Hill’s first child could have impacted Brady, Paul went on to theorize that it “Could cause some angst in an ex.”

He concluded the discussion by savagely stating, “Keep your s*** private if possible, especially if you’re not even dating the person. It’s two years gone, get a f****** life woman.”

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