Logan Paul reveals his relationship status with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bennet

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Logan Paul parted ways with Agents of Shield actress Chloe Bennet in October 2018 without much fanfare, but it doesn’t look like things are completely off-limits between the two celebs.

Paul has remained notably single since his split with Bennet, even swearing off women altogether ahead of his boxing rematch with KSI. However, he continues to foster a connection with his ex, as told on an episode of the True Geordie Podcast.

According to the YouTuber-turned-boxer, the two share an amicable relationship, with Paul proudly applauding the actress in spite of their sudden breakup.

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul and Chloe Bennet parted ways in October 2018, with Bennet remaining largely silent on the subject.

“Chloe is a gem,” Paul admitted. “That girl is one of a kind. She’s what we call a unicorn.”

“You loved her?” Geordie asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Paul replied. “I still do, by the way. I still do. We FaceTime from time to time. She’s a friend now, and I can say that without feeling like there’s strings attached or anything more than just like, pure, unconditional love and friendship. I’m blessed to be able to have a person like her in my life.”

However, Paul was quick to turn the emotional moment around, explaining that remaining single during his boxing training is “crucial” compared to his fight last year.

“I will say – no offense to Chloe – being single this fight, I’ve noticed, it is so crucial and important, and I love every second of it,” he continued. “‘Cause all I can do is focus on it.”

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul is busy preparing for his boxing rematch with KSI – an endeavor that requires “tunnel vision.”

Although Bennet herself has remained staunchly silent on the subject, Paul opened up about their breakup in the months that followed, even claiming that friend Mike Majlak had been responsible for their split.

“I love that girl so much,” Mike stated during a December episode of the “imPaulsive” podcast. “I just don’t like them together. Love them separately – so much.”

In spite of this issue, it seems like Bennet and Paul have managed to maintain a healthy friendship. But with the looming match with KSI coming up fast, there’s no telling how Logan’s love life will fare once the action is over.

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