Trisha Paytas confuses fans with seemingly fake wedding video

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Trisha Paytas stirred backlash across the net after coming out as a transgender man in early October. Now, she’s switching gears with a surprising new move that has fans scratching their heads.

Paytas uploaded a video on October 25 that turned her transgender scandal on its head, announcing that she was engaged to be married in just a week’s time.

That day has since come and gone, with the YouTuber refusing to let slip any details about the identity of her husband, until now.

Paytas uploaded another video on November 5 titled, “OFFICIAL WEDDING VIDEO,” causing fans and critics alike to scramble to her channel in hopes of a reveal for the mystery groom.

Unfortunately, they were met with an even more confusing matter: rather than featuring an actual human being, Paytas’ long-await wedding video saw her get married to a life-sized cardboard cutout of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

Whether or not this is a mere stunt for views remains to be seen, but fans are divided as to Paytas’ intentions with the video, with some claiming that she’s using her “wedding” as a means to distract from the fallout of her transgender announcement.

“It’s obvious she did all of this to distract everyone from the transgender scandal,” one viewer wrote.

“Trisha paytas just had a full blown wedding with a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt a week after coming out as trans but not trans,” another critic Tweeted. “Can someone PLEASE help her.”

That’s not all: some fans speculate that Paytas actually bought the ring herself from an Etsy store, while others claim that there is no marriage certificate on file for the star from Nevada.

An inquiry from the Nevada State Records website turns up zero results, begging the burning question: is Paytas’s marriage the real deal, at all? Is it just a stunt for views? Or is she buying time before revealing her actual husband – if she was really married in the first place?

For now, fans are left in the dark as the YouTube star careens down another confusing pathway in the wake of a scandal that rocked the internet.

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