Logan Paul reveals what really ruined his relationship with Chloe Bennet

LOGAN PAUL, YOUTUBE / Chloe Bennet, Instagram

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul went live in an episode of his new ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on December 10, where he revealed some surprising details about his breakup with actress Chloe Bennet.

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While Paul and Agents of Shield star Chloe Bennet reportedly split up in late October, the YouTuber continues to divulge information about their relationship – including admitting that he’d wanted to throw a cast of his own genitals over Bennet’s fence.

Paul may have also revealed the reason behind his split with the actress – and the culprit could be his noted ‘babysitter’ and fellow Maverick member Mike ‘Hey Big Mike’ Majlak.

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Paul claimed that Majlak was responsible for his breakup, which Mike later confirmed by telling special guest Josh Peck that he didn’t feel like Bennet was the right choice for Paul.

“Mike is single handedly responsible for ruining my relationship,” Paul claimed.

“What if you know it’s not the right fucking relationship?” Majlak retorted in a question towards Peck.

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The group bantered back and forth about the subject, with Mike nearly revealing a sensitive story about the couple that Paul cut off just before he could spill the beans.

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Mike went on to state that he cares for Bennet, but didn’t agree with her romantic relationship with Paul.

“I love that girl so much,” Mike stated. “I just don’t like them together. Love them separately – so much.”

While Bennet has not spoken out about the breakup, Paul has humorously addressed their split in numerous videos, appearing to make light of the situation despite the solemn circumstances. 

In fact, Paul may already be moving on, as he was seen holding hands with Australian model Casey Boonstra at the Flat Earth International Conference on November 16.