Logan Paul gets ‘apology’ from Dillon Danis – by using AI

Connor Bennett
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Logan Paul got an ‘apology’ from Dillon Danis in an edited version of their headed face-to-face, as the YouTube star used AI to poke at his rival.

As Logan Paul and Dillon Danis have been gearing up to finally fight come October 14, the former UFC fighter has gotten ultra-personal with some of his trash talk and pre-fight mind games. 

Danis has repeatedly gone after Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, posting photos of her on Twitter/X with other men – some being previous partners and some just being outright fake photographs. As such, Agdal has now got a restraining order against Danis, which has called the fight between him and Logan into some jeopardy. 

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Logan had previously been a bit reserved on things, claiming that he wasn’t “fazed” one bit by Dillon’s mind games. However, the ImPaulsive podcast host has turned the tables on him with the edited posts online. 

Logan Paul gets ‘apology’ from AI Dillon Danis

That’s right, Logan posted an edited version of their recent pre-fight face-to-face on Twitter/X, using AI to get an ‘apology’ from Danis. 

“Logan, I apologize. I’m a bitch, I’m not a real fighter. I got choked out by a bouncer and I target innocent women online to support my insecurities, honestly,” the AI version of Danis says in the video. 

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The clip has been viewed over 27 million times online already, and while it was clear to many that it was just a joke, some did have to clear it up for others and make sure they knew it was just a parody. 

Dillon said he saw the funny side of things too. “I can’t even lie this is hilarious. Fair play,” he posted a few hours after the video had started doing the rounds. 

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As it stands, the recent legal filings and restraining order against the former UFC fighter have yet to impact the fight. It’s still on, as of now, but that could change down the line.

Logan has drafted in another former UFC fighter, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry as a backup in case the fight with Dillon gets scrapped. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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