Top 10 Richest YouTubers: MrBeast, Jake Paul & more

Georgina Smith
MrBeast and Jake Paul on a YouTube background

YouTube is home to some of the most popular influencers on the internet, many of them with tens of millions of subscribers. With all those fans, money comes too. But which YouTube creators are earning the most?

Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has hosted some of the most viral content on the internet, and thousands of creators have built their platforms from the video-sharing website, garnering a huge number of subscribers and views.

Naturally, many of these creators have gone on to make a profit from the projects they have done both on YouTube and as a result of their fame on the website.

Using data from Target Internet of the highest-paid YouTubers in 2024, here are the top ten richest creators on the site right now.

Top 10 richest YouTubers

10. Preston Arsement – $16 million a year

With over 15 million subscribers on his channel PrestonPlayz, this YouTuber is known for his gaming videos, his content about Minecraft garnering millions of views per video. Target Internet estimated that Preston earned $16 million in the last year.

PrestonPlayz in a YouTube video
Preston’s Minecraft videos get millions of views.

9. Logan Paul – $18 million a year

The eldest of the Paul brothers, Logan, has had a hugely successful career as an influencer, with over 23 million subscribers on his main channel. These days, he is best known for being the co-owner of sports drink Prime alongside KSI, as well as being the host of the podcast Impaulsive which has 4.6 million subscribers. In 2024, Logan is estimated to earn $18 million a year.

Logan Paul speaking on his podcast
Logan’s podcast ‘ImPaulsive’ has over 3.7 million subscribers.

8. Dude Perfect – $20 million a year

Dude Perfect is a sports and comedy group that regularly goes viral for performing wild and bizarre stunts, to an audience of 60 million subscribers. They earned an estimated $20 million in 2021.

7. Ryan Kaji – $27 million a year

Ryan started YouTube when he was only four years old, and in the years since he has gone on to make huge waves with his toy-review content. His main channel has over 36.8 million subscribers, and his most-viewed video has been seen 2 billion times. Target Internet estimated he earned $27 million in 2023.

Ryan's World, YouTubeBack in 2019, Ryan Kaji was crowned as the highest-earning YouTuber.

6. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya) – $28 million a year

Eight-year-old Nastya has garnered an incredible 114 million subscribers on her main channel, where videos documenting different aspects of her life regularly get tens of millions of views.

Nastya was estimated to have earned $28 million in 2023.

5. Unspeakable – $28.5 million a year

Nathan Graham or Unspeakable is known for running several channels, including the popular Unspeakable Gaming, where he uploads crazy Minecraft challenges that get thousands or even millions of views. In 2023, he earned an estimated $28.5 million.

Rhett and Link are best known for their YouTube talk show Good Mythical Morning which has over 18 million subscribers, and has also branched off into projects like Mythical Kitchen which has nearly 2 million subscribers in its own right. Target Internet estimated that in 2023, Rhett and Link earned $30 million.

3. Markiplier – $38 million a year

Markiplier originally became well-known thanks to his gaming videos on his channel which has over 36 million subscribers, content that fans still love to this day. The YouTuber is also known for the huge Unus Annus project he did with CrankGameplays, which ended in 2020. Markiplier was estimated to have earned $38 million in the last year.

Markiplier Unus Annus
Markiplier and Ethan Nestor-Darling collaborated on a YouTube channel that was only live for one year.

2. Jake Paul – $45 million a year

Jake Paul initially made waves on YouTube with his Team Ten content, but in the years since he has become best-known for his endeavors in the world of boxing, fighting people like Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz, with no plans to slow down any time soon. With boxing accounting for nearly 90% of his earnings, Paul reportedly earned $45 million a year.

Jake Paul in an Instagram picture
Jake Paul has been making waves in the sports world.

1. MrBeast – $54 million per year

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson started YouTube when he was just 13, and he has become one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform with his videos that often see him and his friends take on bizarre challenges, and give huge amounts of money away to charity.

MrBeast stands in front of merch
Jimmy is known for his philanthropy along with his crazy video ideas.

With MrBeast Burger continuing to flourish and the recent launch of his Feastables chocolate bar and MrBeast Burger, the star also has plenty of projects aside from his successful YouTube channel. According to Target Internet, MrBeast earns $54 million a year, making him the highest-earning YouTuber.

Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly how much these YouTubers are earning, and as new creators are constantly on the rise, there’s no predicting who could become the next big earner.