Logan Paul promises to KO Floyd Mayweather in boxing rematch, but there’s a catch

Logan Paul confident he could KO Floyd Mayweather in boxing rematchYouTube: The Pivot Podcast, JEFF FM

YouTube star Logan Paul says he’s “confident” he’ll knock out Floyd Mayweather if they ever meet in the boxing ring again, following their 2021 exhibition match – but there’s a catch.

50-0 champ Floyd Mayweather may have just given YouTuber Deji a beating, but that wasn’t the first influencer he’s faced in the ring.

Last year, Mayweather touched gloves with Logan Paul — a match in which Paul managed to go the distance in a surprising showing of endurance from the social media star.

However, Paul says he still has yet to see a cent of the earnings from their bout, something he’s not been shy to bring up until he gets a check.

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Logan Paul says he will be “first person to knock out Floyd Mayweather”

Mayweather’s name has been making the rounds yet again after his recent match against Deji on November 13… and Logan seems to be itching for a rematch.

‘The Maverick’ spoke on the possibility during a November 21 episode of the Jeff FM podcast, where he said he’s “confident” he’d give the undefeated boxing champ a loss by knockout if they ever fought again.

“I know he wants to fight again,” Paul said. “I’m confident I could knock him out. I’m confident I could be the only person to knock out Floyd Mayweather, because I know he’s not gonna knock me out, for a f*cking fact.”

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“He’s getting hit,” he continued. “I’m much bigger and faster than these guys. I’m also gonna request, if I do it, a ten round fight. Because at eight, I was turning on.”

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Although Paul is confident in his chances against the ‘Pretty Boy’ of boxing, it looks like his recent statement was influenced by Deji giving him a black eye, which Paul mentioned in the podcast as part of the champ’s apparent downturn in his recent fights.

Deji also purportedly landed 25 punches to Mayweather, something he took as “W” in spite of his loss to the boxing legend. For now, it’s unclear who Mayweather will be taking on next, but it looks like Logan isn’t backing down from a chance at facing off with him again (at least, until he gets paid).

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