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Logan Paul “not happy” with his boxing performance against Floyd Mayweather

Published: 11/Jun/2021 17:30 Updated: 11/Jun/2021 20:38

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul faced off against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest influencer fights to date — but when all was said and done, Paul wasn’t exactly pleased with his performance.

Influencer boxing has become one of the hottest trends among A-list internet stars. Following in the footsteps of Joe Weller vs KSI, names like Logan and Jake Paul soon hopped on the bandwagon, creating a hugely successful craze that’s attracting millions of eyeballs across the net.

This culminated in an entirely unexpected — but not unwelcome — bout between 50-0 boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. After a few months in the wings, the fight was officially announced, and the two faced off on June 6 with no official winner declared.


While it’s impressive enough that Paul managed to go the distance with one of the sport’s greatest fighters, Logan admitted that he wasn’t impressed with his own performance during the bout.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd Mayweather
Amanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul fought eight rounds against Floyd Mayweather on June 6.

“I learned so much about boxing,” Paul said during a June 10 episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast. “It was a master class. And I’m not happy with my performance as a boxer, bro.”

“I looked like s**t — which is good, I think, because if my opponents in the future go back and watch tape, that’s not how I box. I had to amend for Floyd Mayweather, who, by the way, has every style in the book. He exhibited three different, mastered techniques and styles in one fight.”


“I’m like, switching as it goes on, and kind of catering to him and I knew I was gonna have to make it a dogfight, use my weight, use my strength,” he continued. “…I got lucky, because in the first round, I got in a good shot.”

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While Logan Paul has had his time in the ring with Mayweather, little bro Jake could be the champ’s next influencer opponent — if he manages to lose nearly 36 pounds, as Mayweather has required.

For now, it seems that Logan has taken away a few major lessons from his latest fight… and there’s no telling where the sport will take him next.