Floyd Mayweather willing to fight Jake Paul under one condition

Floyd Mayweather will fight Jake on one conditionYouTube: Rob Moore, Jake Paul

Floyd Mayweather is fresh out of the ring from his fight with YouTuber Logan Paul — but he’s got another influencer vying for his attention already, and he has a pretty big condition, should they ever face off.

Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match with Logan Paul became one of the most anticipated influencer boxing matches to date, pitting one of YouTube’s biggest personalities against one of boxing’s greatest fighters of all time.

However, the match was somewhat sidelined by Jake Paul’s stunt at their May 6 press conference. The younger Paul brother taunted Mayweather before nabbing his hat and running off into the crowd, resulting in a massive brawl that left the YouTuber with a bloody mouth and a bruised eye.

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The incident caused Logan Paul to amp up his personal security as a result, noting that Mayweather had threatened to “kill” Jake over the scuffle.

While Jake has called out just about any and every high profile fighter out there, a bout with Mayweather would be a crowning jewel in his already impressive professional record… but Mayweather isn’t up to the task unless Jake meets a certain condition.

In a statement to author and YouTuber Rob Moore, Mayweather claimed that, if he were to have a “real fight” with Jake, the influencer would have to get down to his weight class.

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“Jake Paul talked about me and him fighting in a real fight,” he said. “If it’s a real fight, then I’ll go down to my real fighting weight class, which is 147 pounds or 154 pounds. If Jake Paul can come down to 154 pounds, then we can see his skills.”

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It’s notable that Mayweather fought in multiple weight divisions, from Lightweight to Light Middleweight. For now, it’s looking like Mayweather wants Jake to get down to Super Welterweight… although, as of his last fight with Ben Askren, Paul weighed in at 190 1/2 lbs.

At 6’1″, it might be a bit unrealistic to ask Paul to lose 36 lbs… and with Mayweather agreeing to a rematch with Conor McGregor, it might be some time before we see this fight come to light, if ever.

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