Logan Paul mocks James Charles’ “No More Lies” response to Tati

YouTube: Logan Paul/James Charles

James Charles uploaded a 41-minute long response video to Tati Westbrook amid their on-going beef, yet, YouTubers like Logan Paul couldn’t even stomach a minute of the upload – choosing to mock the whole situation instead.

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The beef between James Charles and Tati has been the talk of the YouTube scene since Westbrook released her ‘Bye Sister’ video on May 10, making numerous accusations about her now-former friend.

On May 18, the fashion and beauty YouTuber uploaded his “No More Lies” response – as he attempted to debunk a number of accusations put towards him and clear his name. However, not all YouTubers were interested in following the drama much longer.

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YouTube: James CharlesJames Charles’ once uber popular channel suffered a major blow due to the Tati beef.

Shortly after the release of the video, a number of content creators began joking about how little they watched as their attention to the beef began to wane. Mike Majlak‏, who is a part of the imPaulsive podcast, joked that he could only watch “exactly 36 seconds” before turning it off.

Majlak tweeted: “Fuck idk [I don’t know] how to say this. I made it thru [through] exactly 36 seconds of this new James Charles video and then it hit me: I don’t give a single, solitary fuck about ANY of this shit.”

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It didn’t take long for Logan Paul to chime in too, claiming to “beat” his friend’s time by just a couple of seconds. Paul tweeted: “ha, I did 42 seconds, beat [you].”

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While the imPaulsive pair may have been mocking Charles’ lengthy response video, interest clearly still remains in the YouTubers beef as ‘No More Lies’ racked up 19 million views, with close to two million likes, in less than a day.

Tati’s first upload represented a breaking point between the former friends, using the 41-minute long video to document everything that had taken place between the pair in the three years that they had been friends.

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After that initial video, Charles’ channel immediately destroyed a number of unwanted YouTube records – losing close to three million subscribers in four days, but his response has received a much more positive reception.

It remains to be seen if the fashion and beauty YouTuber can recover from the damage done to his channel by the on-going Tati drama – including recovering the lost subs – but at least some fans are showing that they will stay loyal, even if other YouTubers have turned their backs to the whole thing.