Logan Paul & KSI’s new PRIME Energy drink leaked

Dylan Horetski
KSI Logan Paul react to man arrested on suspicion of stealing a case of prime hydration

Logan Paul & KSI’s popular drink company PRIME appears to be making its way into the energy drink world, with a video on YouTube leaking information about the upcoming product.

Released in January 2022, Logan Paul and KSI’s shocking business partnership with PRIME has quickly become one of the most popular drinks around the world.

So popular, in fact, that fans in the UK have created a “black market” that sells the drinks at absurd prices.

According to a short video on YouTube, Logan and KSI are taking the company to the next step with the introduction of canned energy drinks.

PRIME Energy Drinks leaked via YouTube videos

At the time of writing, the only product available from PRIME is their hydration bottles. Set to hydrate its fans with its seven current flavors, it’s clear that Logan and KSI are ready to grow the company even further.

According to a video from FavTrip on YouTube, the duo is set to add canned energy drinks to their product line.

“So this is gonna come out about the end of Q1 [2023]. There’s no energy in [the hydration bottles] but these have 200mg of Caffeine,” he revealed.

Given that FavTrip is a YouTube channel created by a gas station, it’s safe to assume that the video is from a sort of distributor event that showcased the upcoming cans.

With 200mg of caffeine and the existing fanbase that Logan and KSI have, the product is likely going to be a hit.

We’ll have to wait to see how fans react to the product after it launches early next year.

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