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Logan Paul gets busted for using PewDiePie to sell merch

Published: 23/Jan/2019 22:32 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 22:41

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Logan Paul has an interesting tactic for selling his merchandise – more specifically, using PewDiePie’s image on his website, after the YouTube king wore his hoodie during a video.

Paul got called out for his methods in a Tweet made by popular YouTube channel ‘Nerd City,’ who noticed that PewDiePie was featured on the Maverick shop wearing a hoodie from the brand.


“Logan Paul is using Pewdiepie to advertise his merch now,” Nerd City wrote, uploading a screenshot of Paul’s website as proof.


Paul wasn’t fazed by the callout – instead, he retweeted the post with a scathing caption, openly admitting to using both Pewd’s and Nerd City’s clout for exposure.

“And your Tweet, too,” Paul replied, inserting a link to his website. “Get your merch.”


PewDiePie himself had a hilarious take on the interaction, replying to Nerd City’s Tweet with a sarcastic comment.


“Logan Paul would never do this!” Pewds wrote. “Shaking and crying right now.”


This latest debacle follows Paul’s response to PewDiePie’s ongoing battle with Bollywood label T-Series. In exchange for sending subscribers to Pewd’s channel, he asked that the YouTube king wear an article of Maverick merch in one of his upcoming videos, to which PewDiePie halfheartedly agreed.

Now, it appears that Paul has used a screencap of the video to promote his clothing line – and he doesn’t seem to have any qualms about it, either.

Paul is currently under fire for a statement made during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on January 9, where he claimed that he would “go gay” for the month of March as part of his New Year’s resolution.