Jake Paul threatens to expose a “snake” in series of cryptic Tweets

Virginia Glaze

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul may have hinted at a toxic relationship in his midst, after publishing a series of vague Tweets on January 22.

Paul wrote up a poll that asked his followers if he should be quiet about a “snake” or tell the truth about the person – even if it could be bad for business.

“Do I be the bigger person and keep my mouth shut about a snake, or let the 100% truth out and feel so much better, even though that might negatively affect me in business?” Paul asked.

Paul followed up his poll with another Tweet, which claimed that he’d regretted not opening up about a similar instance that occurred prior to the mysterious drama in question.

“Last time I was in this situation I shut my mouth, lied for people, and bit the bullet… and I always regretted that,” Paul continued. “I should’ve told the full truth… but now I’m in a similar position and idk wtf to do.”

The YouTuber went on to claim that the individual in question is still “treating him like dirt,” admitting that he “hates drama” but isn’t afraid of exposing people if the situation calls for it.

While Paul didn’t name any names, fans speculated that he could be writing about his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell, who split with the YouTuber following Shane Dawson’s successful documentary series, ‘The Mind of Jake Paul.’

The two exes exchanged shots throughout early January, with Paul most recently taking a dig at Costell in his Instagram story on January 16 – to which Costell responded by Tweeting out the definition of the word ‘insanity’ shortly thereafter.

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