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PewDiePie disses Logan Paul’s response to battle with T-Series

Published: 9/Dec/2018 20:46 Updated: 9/Dec/2018 20:49

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is in a close race with Bollywood label T-Series to gain the most subscribers on the platform. While many YouTubers have come out in support of Pewd’s cause, one controversial figure caught some major flak from the Swede due to his efforts.

Social media star Logan Paul came to PewDiePie’s aid after Pewds called on him for help during an episode of ‘LWIAY’ on December 5.

In his response video to Pewd’s challenge, Paul claimed that he will donate one Swedish Krona to a charity of his choice for every subscriber gained through a special, trackable link in the video’s description. Additionally, Paul required that Pewds wear an article of Maverick merch in one of his upcoming videos, claiming that he’d sent a hoodie to the YouTuber’s home address.


However, Pewds claimed that he had given him the address to a Swedish craft shop, instead, as he didn’t know why Paul was initially asking for the information.

Pewds even went on to throw some shade at Paul’s efforts during a ‘Pew News’ video on December 9, comparing the sub gap between his channel and that of T-Series during the time of Paul’s efforts to those of popular YouTuber Markiplier, who went live in a stream on December 3 and managed to save his channel from being overtaken by T-Series at the very last minute.

“But then again, you look at the graph and you see the sub gap, and it’s not even nearly as impactful as the Markiplier one,” PewDiePie noted.


While Pewds appeared to take issue with the timing of Paul’s video, he agreed to wear his merch, nevertheless – despite never making a promise to do so, in the first place.