Logan Paul explains why he’s “ashamed” of podcast with Kaitlin Bennett

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star-turned-boxing pro Logan Paul has revealed the only guest he’s felt “ashamed” of inviting on his “imPaulsive” podcast — and she’s made quite a stir on social media as of late.

Social media personality and gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett has gone viral on Twitter multiple times, known for interviewing individuals on the street while asking them questions related to divisive political topics.

Famous for posting a photo of herself openly carrying an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University in 2018, Bennett went on to become a conservative political activist known for inciting online debate.

Social media presence and political commentator Kaitlin Bennett appeared on the “imPaulsive” podcast in 2019.

These very reasons caused Paul to admit his own shame over inviting her onto his “imPaulsive” podcast in 2019, claiming that, as evidenced by his own controversial past as an entertainer, she’s exhibited no initiative to “improve.”

“I really do try to give people the benefit of the doubt,” he began. “Especially coming from someone who has been through controversy and been hated, and knows what it feels like to be under a microscope.”

That’s not all: “The Maverick” even deleted his episode featuring the “Kent State Gun Girl” during a January 23 episode of his podcast.

“When you show zero signs of change or improvement, or anything, I… we had her on the show, and she’s the first guest, I’ll say, I’m ashamed I had her on the show,” Paul admitted. “And for that reason, I’m deleting the episode with Kaitlin Bennett, the ‘Gun Girl.’”

“The bottom line is this,” he continued. “Kaitlin Bennett. Get your sh*t straight and out of your pants.”

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Thus far, Bennett has yet to respond to Paul’s comments on their past podcast episode, a show that has featured such controversial names as right-leaning conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and even adult film stars.

However, it doesn’t look like the “imPaulsive” show is hurting one bit, as that very same episode went on to feature actor and comedian Russell Brand — and while Paul’s boxing match with Antonio Brown may be in hot water, it seems his content is continuing on an upward trend.

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