Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather fight delay increases his chances of winning

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan PaulWikimedia commons/ YouTube: Logan Paul

Logan Paul has claimed that delays to his hotly anticipated fight against Floyd Mayweather actually increase his chance of winning, 

Ever since KSI and Joe Weller squared off back in 2018, YouTubers have made it the norm to settle their beef by jumping into a boxing ring, even TikTokers have started trying to get a piece of the action.

But the Paul Brothers have joined the professional ranks of boxing, with Jake knocking out Nate Robinson and calling out professional boxers as well as UFC stars. Jake is now set to fight Ben Askren on April 16.

Logan, meanwhile, is due to face undefeated boxing icon Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in an exhibition bout on February 20, but, it has been delayed, and there have even been rumours of cancellation altogether.

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Poster for the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fightInstagram: FloydMayweather
Logan and Floyd were supposed to be fighting on Feb 20th.

Logan has previously said that the fight is delayed due to “COVID and business complications” and not due to a lack of interest, while Floyd Mayweather says they pushed it back because he wants a live audience of more than “80,000 people.” Logan maintains it is still definitely going ahead.

As for who will win, UFC President Dana White thinks Logan will get smoked, but the YouTuber’s fighting talk only seems to have kicked up a notch after an interview with Access on April 1. Logan claims he has better chances of winning with every day the match is delayed, going so far as to call the undefeated champion “slow” and “fragile.”

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“We’ve been training every single day… hard preparing to fight this guy and the way I look it, as every day that goes by, I get about one to two percent better, and every day that goes by he gets about one day older. And so the older Floyd Mayweather gets, the slower he gets, the more fragile he gets.

(Topic starts at 4:40) 

“Me? I’m the opposite. I’m 26, I’m headed into my prime and I’m at that tipping point where I’m getting exponentially better at this sport very quickly so yeah the longer he waits I think the more he’s in danger.”

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Logan even claimed he’s faster than Mayweather, adding: “I’ve heard it all. They’re saying he’s the greatest fighter on the planet and they’re saying he’s undefeated. I don’t care, none of it intimidates me.

“I’m taller, I’m bigger, I’m hungrier, I’m faster, I’m stronger… yeah I just said I’m faster than Floyd Mayweather, I am, I’m the fastest planet let’s not forget… He’s had a great legacy all good things must come to an end.”

Despite these strong words, Logan still doesn’t have a win to his name. Whether he’s all bark and no bite remains to be seen.

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