Logan Paul sends shots at Floyd Mayweather following exhibition vs “nobody”

Logan Paul calls out Floyd Mayweatherrizin_English | Twitter/DAZN Boxing

Logan Paul called out Floyd Mayweather in Ttwitter poll asking fans if he should “ruin his legacy” in a rematch against the iconic boxer.

Influencer boxing has grown rapidly in a very short time. What started as content creators boxing each other in on-off exhibition matches has grown to involve actual career boxers.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous boxers of all time, with a career spanning decades. After Jake Paul’s back and forth trash talk with the fighter, Jake’s brother Logan got in on things and asked if he should fight Mayweather as well.

Logan Paul asks if he should “ruin” Mayweather’s legacy

After Floyd knocked out Mikuru Asakura in an exhibition bout, Logan decided to send shots his way.

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He said along with a Twitter poll, “Seen Floyd get tapped up by a nobody yesterday. Should I fight him again & become the only person to KO Floyd Mayweather?”

Mayweather’s infamous reputation precedes him. The decorated fighter has many accolades, and was also named the best boxer of the past 25 years by ESPN.

However, there are some real issues with a fight between Mayweather and either of the Paul brothers. Mainly, the issue of weight class.

Mayweather’s weight class has been hovering around featherweight for most of his career, one of the lightest weight categories. Whereas Jake and Logan Paul have spent most of their boxing careers on the heavyweight side of the weight class spectrum.

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Mayweather pointed out this issue but wasn’t afraid of Jake Paul during their trash talk, saying, “I’ll fight him in a real fight at the weight that I’m at.” about Jake Paul in an interview with TMZ Sports.

Poll results at the time of writing

While Mayweather has yet to address Logan Paul’s callout, it’s safe to say fans are on board. At the time of writing, the poll is heavily in favor of Logan Paul getting a rematch against the boxer.

This wouldn’t be the first clash between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, with the first bout ending without a winner. Logan Paul declined a rematch at the time.

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While these fighters would have to get a bit closer in weight class to have an official bout, a rematch between them isn’t off the table.