Mike Maljak hints that Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight has been delayed again

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather side-by-sideYouTube: Logan Paul/Pixabay: Rcellis

Mike Maljak and Logan Paul have teased the possibility that the YouTuber’s boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather might be delayed a little longer than initially thought. 

YouTubers jumping into a boxing ring to settle a beef has become quite the norm over the last few years, ever since KSI and Joe Weller squared off back in 2018.

Since then, YouTubers have joined boxing’s professional ranks, and the Paul brothers have taken things to another level with Jake knocking out Nate Robinson and calling out professional boxers as well as UFC stars.

His brother Logan had been scheduled to face undefeated boxing icon Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in an exhibition bout on February 20, but, it has been delayed – with fans coming up with their own idea for why the postponement has happened.

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Poster for the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fightInstagram: FloydMayweather
Logan and Floyd were supposed to be fighting on Feb 20th.

Logan opened up about the postponement on his imPaulsive podcast, saying the fight was delayed due to “COVID and business complications” and not because of a lack of interest.

A date for a rematch hasn’t been penciled in, and some fans have grown concerned that the fight might not happen at all, especially after Logan and Mike Maljak joked about the delay in a recent vlog.

The pair were in Miami with Logan’s brother Jake, when they got around to talking about the brother’s bouts. “I know that,” Mike said when the date for Jake’s fight with Ben Askren was mentioned. “And you’re fighting Floyd Mayweather in June 2026, we got an update on that,” he quipped, leaving himself and the gang laughing.

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Timestamp of 6:05

Of course, fans will want a second date for the fight nailed down sooner rather than later, but it’s becoming clear that the wait is set to rumble on and not end anytime soon.

It could be the case that everyone would rather have fans in the arena, rather than the piped in crowd noise of some other fights, though who knows when that will be possible.