Tyson Fury confirmed to be in Tommy Fury’s corner for Jake Paul boxing match

Tyson Fury with Tommy Fury and Jake PaulInstagram: JakePaul / Karen Priestley for SplashNews.com

Jake Paul’s upcoming clash with British star Tommy Fury just got a little more interesting as The Gypsy King Tyson Fury himself is confirmed to be in the corner of his younger brother.

After months of back and forth, public negotiations, and ridiculous wagers, Paul and Fury finally have a date. The two rising boxing stars are set to clash in Florida on Saturday, December 18.

For Paul, this marks his fifth time stepping between the ropes as a professional while Fury comes in with seven victories to his name. Although the former comes from a background in entertainment, the latter comes from an iconic boxing family.  

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With Fury’s dad already claiming his boxing career is “over” if he loses to Paul, the stakes are clearly high. As a result, the 22-year-old has called in some backup. The 33-0 heavyweight champ, his older brother Tyson Fury, has been locked in as a cornerman for the fight.


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“All it is with Tommy… he’s young, can he handle a big occasion on the night?” John Fury asked himself in a recent interview with BTSport. In order to help when the lights are shining brightest, Tommy will “have the King in his corner,” his dad confirmed.

“Tyson is gonna be in his corner that night.” Therefore, assuming the fight makes it out of the first round, Tommy will have one of the most accomplished boxers in history to ask for advice. 

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Not only that, but the up-and-coming boxing star will also have some extra help from The Gypsy King. “Tyson is flying out in a few weeks to help him out,” their dad said.

“Whatever desire he’s missing, Tyson will put there. I’m sure of that. Tyson will sort his head out. I’m looking for a Tommy win in explosive fashion.”

While Tyson should be a huge help for his younger brother on the night, that hasn’t stopped many from picking against him. Even former UFC champ Michael Bisping is confident Paul will come away with the win.

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We’ll just have to wait and see how the action unfolds when these two finally clash on December 18.