Logan Paul calls out Jake Paul’s haters: “The kid just can’t win”

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Logan Paul Jake Paul Calls Out Haters
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Logan Paul reacted to Jake Paul’s controversial press conference with Ben Askren ahead of their upcoming fight and called out his haters for hating on him no matter what he does.

Jake Paul’s boxing career is well and truly underway. But although he’s found success in the ring, he’s rustled some feathers along the way and become a controversial and maligned ‘heel’ character in the process.

Jake and Ben Askren have been trading blows in the weeks leading up to their fight. However, it culminated in a hilarious but tense press conference that featured everything from banter and personal attacks to a physical altercation.

Logan Paul shared his thoughts about it on a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE Podcast, and he took the opportunity to slam Jake’s haters, claiming he can’t win because they’ll hate him no matter what.

Jake Paul Boxing Documentary
Instagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul will square off against Ben Askren on April 17.

“Jake’s got an uphill battle anytime anything he does is public, like a press conference,” said Logan. “I know Jake, and I thought some of the stuff he was saying was funny, and I was thoroughly entertained.”

Then, he listed some of the hilarious things Jake did. “He got Jorge Masvidal on the phone. That was funny. He replayed Ben getting knocked out for 10 seconds straight. That was funny.” 

However, he wrapped it up by saying people on social media will hate him “no matter what [he] does” and that “the kid just can’t win.”

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Jake has done a good job of becoming a household name in the past few years.

Even if he’s making headlines for the wrong reasons and isn’t winning fans, it’s all a part of the show.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren is happening on April 17, which isn’t too far away. The question is will he silence his haters once again and prove his prowess in the ring, or will he finally lose his first match?