Jake Paul explains why he’d fight KSI for free & give up $20m payday

Jake Paul taking to camera with red cup and purple backgroundYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has explained why he’d be willing to fight longtime rival KSI for free and forego a potential $20-$30 million boxing payday.

Jake Paul vs KSI is the big YouTube superfight that has yet to be ticked off despite all the talk of the pair fighting at some point.

The longtime rivals have constantly gone back-and-forth over the years about boxing each other, but we’re not really any closer to it happening. Though they ‘agreed’ to fight in 2023, KSI has admitted that he’s still a long way off getting a fight with Jake and needs a few fights beforehand.

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Jake, though, seems more eager to do it. He offered to step in as Alex Wassabi’s replacement on KSI’s August 27 card, and even claimed he’d do it for free. Thats a stance he seems keen to keep to as well.

Jake Paul willing to take KSI fight for free

‘The Problem Child’ had rapper Rick Ross on the September 1 episode of BS with Jake Paul, when Rozay quizzed him on offering to fight KSI for free.

Ross stated he couldn’t allow Jake to fight without making money, but the YouTuber-turned-boxer wasn’t fussed. “Bro, for me, this is not about the money. For history. For me knocking out this b**ch ass motherfu**er who talked all this sh*t. And if the only way he’d fight me is if he made all the money? Imma do it,” Jake answered.

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“I make $20 million off the fight? Guess what, Jake Paul is not worth $20 million, I’m worth a billion. So, I don’t give a f**k about $20 million. For me to cement my name in the history books as one of the craziest, most psychotic fighters ever… he was willing to fight this guy on 20 days’ notice for free? When he could have made $20-30 million? That’s legendary.”

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While he’s willing to give up the money, of course, if the pair did ever fight, Jake would be in for a handsome payday.

It remains to be seen if they will square off, though. But there is still substantial interest in happening, so don’t write it off.

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