Logan Paul makes his official pick for KSI vs Jake Paul fight

Logan Paul on ImpaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive

While Logan Paul isn’t thrilled with the idea of his business partner KSI boxing his brother Jake Paul, the internet celeb has locked in an official pick for the eventual fight, siding with blood over all else.

KSI and Jake Paul have been on a collision course for years at this point. The two social media stars from other sides of the globe largely helped push the idea of influencer boxing into the mainstream through high-profile fights and regular competition.

While they’ve always been bitter towards each other online, the two are yet to throw down. With Jake focusing on his next opponent Tommy Fury and KSI just coming off a knockout win over FaZe Temperrr, late 2023 seems to be the current target.

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When the pair finally settles it all in the ring, however, not everyone will be keeping their eyes glued to the action. Although fans around the world have been anticipating the matchup for the longest time, Jake’s older brother Logan isn’t excited in the least.

Jake Paul and KSI in a boxing ringDAZN
KSI and Jake Paul have been linked for years but no official date has ever been set in stone for their fight.

“I’m just not looking forward to it,” Logan admitted on the latest Impaulsive podcast amid a discussion with KSI. “I think it’s a lose-lose [situation].”

For KSI, one of the biggest YouTubers to come out of the United Kingdom, defeating Jake Paul is his ultimate challenge, the real “end goal” for his influencer boxing aspirations. “Seeing who’s the best.” But for Logan, he’d rather it didn’t happen at all.

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“Obviously, I’ll be happy for whoever wins,” he assured, “but I have to kind of wash my hands and be like, ‘I love you both.’”

As for who he’ll be cheering on in the fight, Logan was initially reluctant to answer on camera. But before long, he caved in and gave a concrete answer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Logan will be in his brother’s corner. “It’s my blood, bro. I want Jake to win.

“But I know how hard [KSI] works, I know how hard Jake works. This is a sh** position to be in. It sucks that these guys have chosen to f***ing hate each other.”

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Logan Paul makes his pick at the 36:43 mark below.

Ultimately, Logan will be there in attendance when it does happen, but he won’t be rooting for both parties. Instead, it’ll be family over business and friendship as he backs up his younger brother in one of his biggest fights yet.