KSI’s manager leaks Logan Paul’s next possible boxing match

KSI manager teases logan paul's next boxing matchYouTube: Logan Paul

KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, has teased Logan Paul’s next possible boxing match as the influencer recovers from a knee injury he received during a WWE bout.

YouTube star Logan Paul is one of the most prominent influencer-boxers on the net — but after receiving a serious knee injury, fans are worried that he might not get back in the ring anytime soon.

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Paul notably suffered a torn meniscus, MCL, and ACL after his high-flying match against Roman Reigns earlier this month, leaving him unable to train for another bout.

Following these injuries, KSI hinted that Paul would likely be unable to participate in his upcoming PRIME boxing event in January 2023 — but KSI’s manager says that Logan’s comeback might happen sooner, rather than later.

KSI’s manager says Logan Paul’s next bout will take place in 2023

In an interview with Fred Talks Fighting, Mams Taylor claimed that Paul’s next boxing match could be on the undercard of KSI vs Jake Paul, which both parties agreed would take place next year.

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“He’s recovering so quickly, and I’m very happy about that, obviously,” Taylor said. “I think he’s going to fight… on the Jake Paul KSI fight.”

“So, that long away?” the interviewer asked.

“Who says it’s that long away?” Mams replied. “All I said is that it’s happening in 2023, and JJ will have three fights in 2023. So yes, He’s got Dillon Danis, then whoever it’s gonna be, and then at the end of the year, whoever it’s gonna be.”

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At the time of writing, it’s speculated that Jake Paul and KSI will likely face off in late 2023. KSI’s trainer previously claimed that his fight with the younger Paul brother won’t take place directly after his fight with Dillon Danis, which is slated for January 14, 2023.

For now, it’s unclear when we’ll see Paul step in the boxing ring again… but if Taylor’s comments are to be believed, he might not touch gloves with another fighter until sometime next year.

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