KSI and Logan Paul hurl insults & predict KOs at press conference

Virginia Glaze

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to touch gloves on November 9 in the internet’s most anticipated boxing rematch yet – and their September 14 press conference further solidified one of YouTube’s biggest rivalries to date.

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The KSI vs Logan Paul 2 press conference took place at the Los Angeles Staples Center on September 14, courtesy of sports streaming platform DAZN via YouTube.

While the entire internet knows both KSI and Logan Paul are fiending to throw down, they aren’t the only ones making big claims ahead of their rematch: Paul’s trainer, two-time world heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, also had some trash talk to sling ahead of their bout.

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The trainers talk trash

When given a chance to speak on the upcoming fight, Briggs claimed that Paul is “more prepared than any man ever,” claiming that “Logan Paul is gonna knock that man out cold.”

Briggs’ sentiments were echoed by KSI’s trainer, Viddal Riley, who simply claimed there is “a knock out coming for KSI on November 9” in response to Briggs’ taunts.

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Logan Paul brings up a family feud

The attention quickly turned to the fighters, themselves, with Logan Paul getting the first chance to speak as the hometown hero – an opportunity he took to bring up KSI’s feud with his little brother, Deji Olatunji.

“Where’s Deji at?” Paul asked. “Where’s your family at, JJ? …Mine’s right here. I got a message for them… Mr. and Mrs. KSI, thank you. I fucking love you for giving me the opportunity to beat the shit out of your asshole son.”

Logan Paul, InstagramLogan Paul paced across the stage during the press conference, making sure to bring up KSI’s feud with his little brother, Deji.
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KSI hits back

Although it seemed like KSI took the verbal thrashing sitting down (quite literally, as the YouTuber didn’t seem to want to get out of his chair), he returned the trash talk in kind, bringing Paul’s mother into their battle after the tow-headed YouTuber chanted, “JJ has no dick.”

“Go ask your mom, she’s right there – how’s my dick?” KSI retorted, laughing when she answered “No.”

“You weren’t saying that last night,” he continued. “How is your mom here and not your dad?”

KSI, InstagramKSI seemed fairly cool and collected during the press conference, even refusing to rise from his chair to meet Logan Paul’s taunts.
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KSI calls out Jake Paul

KSI didn’t stick to insulting Logan Paul: the British internet star likewise called out Jake Paul, who uploaded a video accusing KSI of kicking him from the rematch undercard.

“Jake, youre a fucking crybaby man,” KSI said of the video. “I want you to fight, but I want you to fight someone who actually makes fucking sense. No one wants to watch you fight Soulja Boy.”

KSI & Logan Paul speak on the press conference

In regards to their rematch on November 9, both YouTubers predicted a round one knockout – but neither seemed fully satisfied with the press conference, with Paul calling the meeting “disappointing.”

“What the fuck was that?” Paul said of the conference. “He gave me nothing. I saw the fear in his eyes – he had nothing to say. The man’s defeated already.”

“This is gonna be a walk in the park, man,” KSI echoed. “I don’t care about [home turf advantage]. It’s a ring at the end of the day, and I know what I’m gonna do.”

KSI vs Logan Paul, YouTubeLogan Paul and KSI will throw down on November 9 to finally settle their beef.

KSI & Logan Paul predict Round 1 KOs

KSI and Logan Paul will meet again at the Staples Center in just two month’s time, and with the two evenly matched in terms of height and weight, the results of their upcoming rematch could be close: but a Twitter poll from DAZN shows that audiences overwhelmingly favor KSI’s chances in the ring.

With their fight going pro, both YouTubers are foregoing headgear, cannot be saved by the bell, and have no standing 8 count or 3 knockdown rule – making the bout a no-holds-barred grudge match that fans and critics alike can’t wait to see.

DAZN, YouTube

Stay tuned to Dexerto.com for more information as things heat up for one of the net’s most heated rivalries thus far.

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