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KSI spills more details about his upcoming rematch with Logan Paul

Published: 27/Jan/2019 22:06 Updated: 27/Jan/2019 22:07

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTubers Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Logan Paul are set to throw down once more in 2019 – but where will their rematch take place?

KSI may have spilled some sensitive information regarding the rematch’s locale during a video published on January 23, where he took calls and questions from fans on Discord.


One fan asked if the rematch would take place in New York, to which KSI had a decisive answer.


“Will the KSI vs Logan Paul II fight be in New York?” the fan asked.

“No,” KSI answered simply, moving right along to the next caller.


This latest intel holds up with KSI’s previous statements on the matter, where he expressed frustration that Paul wanted to schedule their rematch on the West Coast – which would alienate KSI’s largely European viewer base.


“…Logan’s team suggested West Coast, which makes absolutely no sense due to the UK audience time zone,” KSI said of the situation. “East Coast makes way more sense, because then, more people could watch it.”

Additionally, KSI set the date for their fight for November 2019, which contradicted previous information found on UK gambling websites that had scheduled the rematch for February 27.


Logan Paul likewise alleged that KSI had broken the terms of their contract, and even claimed that he was dodging the fight; however, KSI denied these claims, placing the blame on Paul’s team for not scheduling things on time.

Paul has yet to confirm a specific venue for the rematch.