KSI shades Jake Paul in viral TikTok over hit Lil Wayne collaboration

Jake Paul KSIInstagram: Jake Paul, KSI

British YouTuber, rapper, professional boxer KSI shaded YouTuber Jake Paul in a viral TikTok about his collaboration with Lil Wayne on a song. Paul, who has feuded with KSI, had previously said Wayne was an idol of his.

The TikTok video, posted on August 9, has already had over 3.2 million likes and 14.6 million views. KSI captioned the video “LMAO” and commented “Gotcha idol” below.

The video starts with an Instagram post of Jake Paul where Paul is listing his accomplishments. These range from “face-timed Donald Trump” to Justin Bieber “performed at my fight.” The list also includes “brought my idol Lil Wayne on stage.”

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Paul is doing a “sheesh” post next to the board before the video switches to clips from the YouTube video for the song collaboration “Lose” featuring both KSI and Wayne.

Jake Paul KSIInstagram: Jake Paul. TikTok: KSI
KSI mocking the pose Paul makes in a post listing his accomplishments

The video then switches back to KSI copying Paul’s “sheesh pose”. The caption reads “me knowing Jake Paul will never make a song with his idol.”

While smiling, KSI then asked Paul “got any more idols mate?”

KSI released ‘Lose’ with Wayne on August 6. The music video already has more than five million views. At the time of release, KSI said ““If you told me 10 years ago that this was gonna happen, I would have laughed in your face and blocked you from my contacts.

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He went onto say “but here we are, it’s a reality. Me and Lil Wayne have come together on a track no one will expect.”

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Jake Paul and KSI’s beef explained

Paul and KSI have been beefing for some time. KSI previously fought Paul’s brother Logan on two occasions and Jake accused KSI of using excuses to not fight Paul.

In a tweet, Paul described KSI as “a b**ch” and later claimed that he was done seeking a fight with the British rapper. KSI later insisted that he wanted to fight the YouTuber saying “I want to fight Jake.”

He went on to say, “don’t get it twisted. When I saw he knocked out Ben Askren, I got angry. There’s a part inside of me that feels like I need to f**k him up to show how much of a fraud he is.

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He insisted to fans that they should “best believe when we get in that ring, I’m knocking him out.” KSI has recently been focusing more on his musical career that has seen significant success in 2021.

The album debuted at number 1 in the UK and in the top 100 of the Billboard 200. “Lose” has entered the top 10 of the US Itunes Chart.