Jake Paul’s company mocks KSI’s plan to finally fight long-time rival

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul and KSI side by side looking at camera

Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions brand responded to Jake’s long-time rival KSI saying that he still wants to clash with his fellow YouTuber inside the ring at some point. 

Even though Jake and Logan Paul have taken influencer boxing to new heights, KSI was one of the content creators who blazed a trail by helping kick it all off.

The Brit, who has three fights under his belt, has not been in the ring since his win over Logan Paul back in 2019, but will be stepping back into action at the end of August. Like Jake Paul, KSI hasn’t yet announced his opponent for his return, but has already teased a look ahead of what could follow his return.

He and Jake have both repeatedly stated that they’d like to square off at some point, and KSI is seemingly aiming to make it happen in a few fights time. Though, Jake’s MVP brand has other ideas.

Ksi confirms boxing return after two year hiatus
KSI is returning to the ring after a lengthy hiatus from boxing.

Speaking as a part of a YouTube Premium live stream, the YouTuber said that he’s aiming to fight Jake after getting another two or three fights under his belt, and that people may be surprised by his skills.

“I always put in 110%, I mean business. After I annihilate my next opponent it is on to the next one,” KSI said. “Then, hopefully, eventually Jake Paul.”

Those quotes caught the eye of Jake’s Most Valuable Promotions brand, who seemed to shut that idea down. “Goals have to be admired,” they commented on Instagram, attaching the clapping emoji as well.

Screenshot of Instagram comments on TheBreadBatch
Jake’s MVP brand had a quick response to KSI’s comments.

As noted, the pair have gone back-and-forth over the years about a possible fight, with KSI most recently taking shots at Jake’s skills and saying he’s had ‘easy’ fights.

Even though he wants to fight the likes of Canelo Alvarez, KSI has appeared a few times on Jake’s boxing ‘hitlist’ so maybe it’ll happen one day.

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