KSI reveals Deji vs Mayweather fight details as possible bout gains traction

Virginia Glaze
KSI reveals more info on Deji vs Mayweather

YouTube boxer KSI has shed a little more light on the rumors swirling about a possible fight between his little bro, Deji, and the undefeated Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

KSI is coming fresh off a massive double-victory after his viral ‘two fights, one night’ event on August 27, where he defeated British rapper ‘Swarmz’ and Mexican pro boxer Luis Pineda.

His little brother, fellow YouTuber Deji, fought on the undercard against influencer Fouseytube and took the victory by TKO in the third round in a convincing display of skill.

Deji’s win came as a welcome reprieve for the comedy YouTuber, who had lost every fight he’d had since his debut match against Jake Paul in 2018… and fans are convinced he’s got something else even bigger looming on the horizon.

Shortly after his win against Fousey, rumors swirled that Deji was slated to face off against Floyd Mayweather, who’d also boxed Logan Paul back in 2021. If true, Deji and Mayweather will fight in Dubai this November. Deji also teased he has a “fight announcement soon” via Twitter on September 13.

Although nothing has been officially announced regarding this potential bout, fans are all but convinced that it needs to happen, regardless — and KSI may have just added fuel to the fire.

KSI flabbergasted by possible Deji vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match

KSI was browsing his Reddit page during a YouTube video on September 20 when he came across a post about his little bro’s possible scrap with Mayweather and let slip that a contract still needs to be signed to make the fight actually happen.

“Yeah bro, like, if he pulls this off, then f**k me, man,” KSI laughed. “What is this world? If you told me five years ago – ten years ago – two years ago that Deji was gonna be fighting Mayweather, I would have laughed in your face and gone, ‘Shut up, there’s no way.’.”

“If Deji manifes to pull this off – everything gets signed and everything – aw, mate. What a f**kin’ dub.”

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For now, it looks like things have yet to officially get off the ground for this bout… but it’s clear that fans can’t wait for it to happen.

In the interim, YouTube fans can sate their boxing fever by gearing up for Jake Paul’s upcoming match against Anderson Silva this October.

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