KSI promises to fight Tommy Fury – on one condition

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YouTuber turned boxer KSI is looking to fight Tommy Fury — but only on the condition that he beats Jake Paul in their upcoming bout.

The world of influencer boxing is certainly heating up as we near closer to the ultimate bout between KSI and Jake Paul.

With KSI’s Misfits Boxing also making big moves, promising to “change boxing forever” as well as signing a five-year deal with DAZN Boxing — all eyes are on the scene.

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On the other hand, his rival Jake Paul is gearing up for one of his biggest bouts yet. After years of back and forth, and two failed attempts to get in the ring, the Ohio-born YouTuber will finally be facing Tommy Fury.

With the bout set for February 25 in Saudi Arabia, much is on the line for both sides. However, Fury may have another challenge ahead of him if he’s able to take down ‘The Problem Child’.

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KSI promises to fight Tommy Fury if he beats Jake Paul

According to talkSPORT’s Michael Benson in a January 28 tweet, KSI has revealed he’s open to stepping in the ring with Fury — but only if he beats Jake Paul.

“KSI has stated that he will look to fight Tommy Fury if he beats Jake Paul on Feb 26th,” Benson wrote.

This isn’t the first time the Brit has suggested a fight with Fury.

In a recent video, the YouTube star brought up the idea of stepping in the ring with Tommy — explaining that KSI vs Jake Paul might not be the “money fight” anymore if he loses to Fury.

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