Overwatch streamer hits back at Twitch after “lingerie” stream warning

Brent Koepp

Popular Overwatch streamer Fareeha Andersen hit back at Twitch after receiving a warning for violating Twitch’s Community Guidelines by hosting a “lingerie” stream.

Twitch partner and popular Overwatch streamer Fareeha was not too happy she was given a warning for violating the Community Guidelines on the streaming platform.

The DPS main argued against the warning’s claim that she was wearing lingerie on Twitter and re-sparked the debate with how the streaming platform enforces its rules, particularly with the clothing guidelines.

Warned for wearing “lingerie” 

The Overwatch streamer posted a screenshot of an email she received from Twitch on Twitter on September 14, which said she was “recently reported for breaking Twitch Community Guidelines” and it listed “underwear” and “lingerie” as the reason.

The email then informed her that the VODs that were reported had been deleted to “avoid further reports” and then said that she would be on a probation period for the next 90 days. The Gen.G streamer is not allowed to be a part of promotional activities until it is lifted.

Fareeha decided to hit back at the streaming platform and tweeted “Because workout clothes and showing midriff=lingerie” and uploaded a picture of the clothes she was wearing that was considered so risque that it violated the guidelines.

The Overwatch streamer followed up by saying that she doesn’t “even own lingerie” and that all she has is “giant ass sports bras” which doesn’t show off any cleavage, before cracking a joke: “As if I had any LOL.”

She then argued that the warning didn’t make much sense, given that not only do her clothes not show much skin, but that her on stream camera is “always shoulders and up.”

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Fareeha then made the observation that you “can see more t*t” just by going outside and walking among the general public.

While it’s unclear if she was mass reported by trolls, the Twitch personality is currently on probation as of the time of this article.

Fareeha is a popular Overwatch streamer for Gen.G Esports, and boasts almost 70,000 followers on the platform as of September 14.

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