KSI laughs at fans paying £1,000+ for re-sold PRIME bundles

Zackerie Fairfax
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KSI recently released his limited-edition PRIME bundles, which include apparel and an exclusive flavor, and fans are already reselling them on eBay for over £1,000.

Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME has seen unprecedented success over the past year, becoming a hydration beverage that rivals the greats like Gatorade and Body Armor. With two iconic content creators being the faces of the drink, it’s easy to see why PRIME has become a global phenomenon.

But this success story has had its fair share of controversies separate from Logan and KSI. Due to shortages in the UK, scalpers have sold the highly-demanded drinks for a premium. Wakey Wines has gone viral for reselling PRIME products for more than 10 times their MSRP.

KSI has commented on PRIME scalping a few times. He was outraged with Wakey Wines in a TikTok, and responded to a user on Twitter recently regarding the difficulty of stopping scalpers. And with the announcement of his UK-exclusive PRIME x KSI bundles, it was only a matter of time before scalping picked back up.

KSI holding new exclusive UK Prime bottle
KSI teased his new Mango flavor Prime drink while touring Australia.

KSI x PRIME bundles sell for £1,000+

The limited-edition KSI x PRIME bundles went on sale exclusively in the UK on Friday, February 17. The box could be purchased on the official UK Store Page for $39.99, and the limited edition flavor can be found in Sainsbury’s stores.

Like clockwork, sellers have already appeared on eBay UK, listing the exclusive bundles for several times their original price. At the time of writing, an auction boasting a medium shirt, bandana, and 12 bottles of KSI’s limited-edition PRIME flavor is sitting at £1,040.00, with 27 bids.

And with four days left in the auction, KSI shared a screenshot of the auction on Twitter. He captioned the post, “wth lol,” laughing at fans willing to pay 26 times the box’s original price.

One of KSI’s followers vented their frustrations under KSI’s post. “People buying the bundles and selling them when poor kids miss out on getting them… kids like my son miss out,” she stated.

KSI replied, “Luckily, Sainsbury’s has A LOT, so people won’t have to pay stupid amounts just to drink it.” This seemingly eased the fears of the fan hoping to get the PRIME flavor for their son.

So, while the flavor and exclusive bundle aren’t slated to be released in the US, buyers still have options to secure the limited-time merch… it just comes at a steep price.