KSI claims it’s “impossible” to combat Prime Drink resellers charging inflated prices

KSI holding new exclusive UK Prime bottleToday Show Australia

YouTube star KSI has claimed it’s impossible to combat the Prime Hydration “opportunists” that are scalping the beverage.

Despite releasing in the UK almost a year ago, fans are still struggling to get their hands on Prime Hydration. The supply issues and scalpers have gotten so bad, that even some fans have gone above and beyond to launch a ‘Prime Tracker’ — aimed at helping others find the nearest store that currently stocks the beverage.

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KSI himself has even spoken out against those taking advantage of his fans, putting stores on blast for their absurd markup prices. The situation has only gotten worse with the release of Prime’s energy drinks in the US, where some UK retailers were caught selling the drink at £100 per can.

The demand from Prime is through the roof, and while the YouTube star has urged fans to stop buying the drink at a markup, they still continue to purchase from resellers.

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Many have called for the two YouTubers to take action against those taking advantage. But, according to KSI, it’s an issue that’s “impossible to combat.”

KSI claims it’s “impossible” to combat opportunists

According to the YouTuber-boxer, a new limited-edition KSI-themed bottle will be hitting UK shelves soon.

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However, the Prime co-founder isn’t confident that all the stock will actually end up on the shelves — and instead get into the hands of “opportunists.”

“We’re sending loads to retailers. However I fear that not all of the bottles will end up on the shelves due to foul play and opportunists,” he said on Twitter.

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“And I hate to say it but it’s literally impossible to combat that I’m afraid.”

Previously, the YouTuber has called out ASDA employees, claiming that the stock is actually being resold rather than put in stores.

After being spotted with the new Prime bottle in Australia, fans are pumped to get their hands on it. Though we’ll just have to wait and see if all the stock actually manages to get on the shelves.

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