Logan Paul reveals how much Prime has made already amid viral success

Logan Paul with purple bottle of primePRIME

Logan Paul has revealed some of the eye-watering numbers behind PRIME’s success, as the YouTuber’s drink has become one of the most sought-after beverages around. 

It’s been a little over a year since Logan Paul and KSI launched their PRIME Hydration brand, as the YouTubers have fully made their mark on the drinks market. 

The drinks first launched in the US, where it’s still pretty easy to come across, but the UK has faced an ongoing battle again resellers. Though, that’s a war that KSI believes they may never win as it’s “impossible” to crack down on everyone that bumps up the price

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They’ve also since expanded to Australia to celebrate a successful first year on the market. It’s been so successful in fact, that the YouTuber pair have cleared nine figures worth of revenue already. 

How much has Prime made? Logan Paul reveals eye-watering first year numbers

Logan and KSI have been down under to celebrate the launch of PRIME in Australia, where they’ve been greeted by some wild crowds for TV appearances.

They also appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, where they were asked about how much money they’ve made off PRIME already. “Do you want the numbers? Alright. In year one, we cleared $110 million in retail sales. 

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“Sorry, $250 million in retail sales and $110 million gross internally,” Logan said. “In January of this year, we did $45 million. Yeah.” 

When you factor in the issues with resellers, and problems with distribution and stock in the UK, those figures become even crazier than first thought. 

As 2023 rolls on, the pair have already revealed limited edition flavors that are sure to be highly sought-after as well. And, after a blockbuster start with January, they could well surpass their first-year margins in no time at all.

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