Viral ‘Wakey Wines’ unbanned on TikTok amid Prime Energy and Cold Candy drama

TikTok Wakey WinesTikTok: wakey_wines01924724141

UK-based convenience store ‘Wakey Wines’ has been unbanned on TikTok after just a day amid drama around its prices for Prime Energy cans as well as allegedly “ripping off” another candy brand.

Since Logan Paul and KSI launched Prime Hydration in early 2022, fans have gone crazy for the product. The company is struggling to keep it in stock throughout the US, and fans in the UK have gone as far as selling the drink for absurd prices.

The YouTubers expanded Prime’s product lineup in early 2023, bringing them into the US energy drink industry, with a UK launch coming in April 2023.

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UK-based convenience store ‘Wakey Wines’ has its hands on all five flavors and left fans shocked after advertising them for over $100 a can on TikTok.

Shortly after their video went viral, the Wakey Wines account was hit with a ban. The company is back on TikTok a day later, alongside a second controversy regarding its custom-branded candy line.

Wakey Wines unbanned on TikTok amid Prime and Candy drama

Alongside the popularity behind their viral Prime Can advertisement video, Wakey Wines also brought more eyes to its custom-branded ‘WFD Sweets’ candy line.

However, many believe the candy is a direct copy of another popular UK-based candy line called Cold Candy.

DMODeejay, the mastermind behind Cold Candy, posted on Instagram shortly after Wakey Wines was banned on TikTok.

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He said: “I’m a COOL, positive MF… until I get violated….”

Fans have taken to the comments on Wakey Wines’ TikTok page to share their thoughts on the situation as well.

“Never try to outdo dmo, he can’t be topped. #dmoarmy,” one user replied.

Another commented: “cold candy is the real deal, not your sweets.”

“What’re the best sweets in wakey? none because they’re all rubbish! want good sweets, go to Cold Candy,” a third viewer replied.

Wakey Wines’ owner hasn’t directly responded to any of the backlash at the time of writing, but with DMO and KSI angry at his actions, we may get a response sooner than later. We’ll have to wait to see.

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