KSI blasts Wakey Wines over £100 Prime cans for “taking advantage” of his fans

Prime/TikTok: Wakey Wines

YouTube star KSI says he ‘hates’ seeing the Prime Hydration drinks being resold at massive prices amid drama with the owner of Wakey Wines. 

When KSI and Logan Paul launched their Prime drinks back in January 2022, not even they could have expected the success that the brand has had over the last few months. 

The drinks have become a viral phenomenon, especially in the UK where stock isn’t as widely available as in the United States. While the company has a deal with Asda, it’s resellers who have been making the biggest moves with Prime. 

Most recently, the shop Wakey Wines has been under fire for apparently selling the new Prime Energy cans for £100 each. KSI urged fans to “stop buying it at these prices,” and he’s now doubled down on that call. 

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KSI “hates” Prime resellers “taking advantage” of drinks hype

The YouTube mogul appeared on Talksport on January 11 to discuss his fight with Faze Temperrr when the topic of Prime and its insane popularity was brought up.

He figured that the drink would do “alright” seeing as it had the backing of himself and Logan Paul, but he didn’t expect it to get so crazy. “I didn’t expect it to be this insane to the point that people are paying £100 for a can of Prime or £25 for a bottle of Prime hydration, it’s going crazy,” he said.

“I hate it, I hate it,” KSI said when asked about fans paying sky-high prices for the drinks. “There’s a guy called Wakey Wines and I don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but either way, it’s a terrible practice. Yeah, people want to try these drinks and they have not got the chance to try the drinks.”

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He added that resellers are “taking advantage of the hype” and that he “hates” that as well.

It’s not the first time he’s hit out at resellers, as KSI was one of the first people to shine a spotlight on ASDA employees skimming drinks from the stock and reselling them outside.