KSI shocked by price of Prime Lemonade on reseller market

Brianna Reeves
prime lemonade resell

In a recent video, KSI reacted to the cost of his and Logan Paul’s Prime Lemonade drinks on the reseller market.

Influencers KSI and Logan Paul introduced the world to Prime Hydration sports drinks last year and have enjoyed nothing but success since then.

Thus far, the joint energy drink venture has produced a wide variety of flavors, including Blue Rasberry, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, and Tropical Punch. Given the popularity of the beverage, it’s no wonder the pair continue to explore new flavors.

The latest addition to the Prime Energy family is Lemonade, which launches just in time for summer to begin. But, as expected, some may have a difficult time getting their hands on the new flavor.

KSI reacts to Prime Lemonade’s crazy resell prices on eBay

Though the Prime’s Lemonade offering won’t actually release until May 15, some people already have their hands on the beverage. They’re already trying to take advantage of the reseller market, too, evidenced by several postings on eBay.

Prime co-owner KSI reacted to the inflated prices in a recent video. One listing he found on eBay is selling two “extremely limited edition” bottles of Prime Lemonade for a whopping £500.

Another listing features one bottle of Lemonade that had a bid of £148. Apparently, at the time of KSI’s recording, 22 people were bidding on the unopened energy drink. “That’s why there’s a huge rush to get them… people are making stupid profit.”

He went on to add, “There’s probably people that actually want to try the drink, but then there are also people that are like, ‘yeah, I can make a shi** ton of money.'”

This isn’t the first time that scalpers and resellers have benefited from KSI and Logan Paul’s energy drink. It probably won’t be the last time, either.

In a Twitter thread earlier this year, KSI addressed the matter head-on by telling followers “it’s literally impossible to combat” the behavior of opportunists. Considering that wholesalers and those who buy from them are known to take advantage, he’s probably right.

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